Kharkiv University of Humanities KhUH

Kharkiv University of Humanities (KhUH) is the third educational level at “People’s Ukrainian Academy” (“PUA”) educational complex which also includes the Children’s School for Early Development and Specialized Economic and Law School. Ensuring lifelong learning the university is at the top. The university has the fourth highest level of state accreditation for Economics, Translation and Interpreting, and Translation and Interpreting Sociology training.

KhUH consists of three Schools:

Business Economics

Translation and Interpreting

Sociology of Management

          KhUH also includes:

Pre-university training center

and offers:

Career broadening programmes

PhD programmes

50+ programmes

Higher education at “PUA” has some distinctive features. Firstly, it is a logical sequence of training. Each of the three levels aims to increase the competitiveness of the future graduate in the labour market while ensuring high level of general, basic, and professional training.

Secondly, a great deal of attention is paid to practical training (introductory practices and internships as part of the curriculum throughout the study period).

Thirdly, it is Career Planning Laboratory, a special unit dealing with the organization of introductory practices, internships, and graduates’ employment.

In the course of their training, students develop strong IT and foreign language skills and attend extension courses in the chosen academic subjects.


Юридический адрес:

Харьковский гуманитарный университет «Народная украинская академия»
Ул. Лермонтовская, 27
г. Харьков, Украина, 61024

Факс: +38(057)-704-10-70

Официальный электронный адрес:

Приемная ректора:


Приемная комиссия:

+38(095)-819-41-48 (Viber, Telegram)



факультет "Бизнес-управление":


факультет "Референт-переводчик":


факультет "Социальный менеджмент" :

+38(050)-978-41-74(через Telegram)

факультет последипломного образования (второе высшее):


Директор лицея:

+38(096)-493-79-96 (Viber)

Директор ДШРР:

+38(050)-937-52-58 (Viber)

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