About Kharkiv University of Humanities “People’s Ukrainian Academy”

Kharkiv University of Humanities “People’s Ukrainian Academy” is an innovative educational and research complex that ensures lifelong learning at all educational levels, from preschool to postgraduate levels. The training is conducted on the basis of experimental curricula.

The complex consists of:

  • three Schools training highly qualified specialists in Business Economics (with extensive Law, English, and IT), Sociology of Management (with extensive Psychology and IT), and Translation and Interpreting (with three European languages, IT, and Office Technologies courses). In addition, there is the department of postgraduate education, a pre-university training center, career broadening, and PhD programmes;
  • Specialized Economics and Law School with advanced language learning;
  • Children’s School of Early Development working on signature programs;
  • various forms of corporate learning and training courses;
  • PhD programmes, online advanced training courses;
  • a cohesive team of about 2,300 people, including over 1,000 students, 450 schoolchildren, 50 preschoolers, more than 200 postgraduate students, and 44 PhD students. The academic and administrative staff amounts 230 people. The number of doctors and candidates of science is over 69 percent;
  • the Science and Humanities Information Centre (SHIC) offering a collection of around 200,000 books including educational, reference, and fiction literature, as well as access to electronic library;
  • the Information Technology Support Centre consisting of some multimedia networking classrooms, the intranet and free internet, Wi-Fi, an academic website with high webometrics ranking, etc.;
  • the Students’ Union embracing over 62 percent of students, the school self-government organization “Istok”, more than a dozen of social organizations (Veterans’ Council, Professors’ Council, Library Council, Artistic Board, etc.); 11 social clubs (Political Club, Business Club, Chess Club, Literature Club, Cinema Club, etc.);
  • artistic groups, including Student Theater «Na Lermontovskoy, 27» and School Theater Studio; boys band «Romantik-band», modern dance group «Fabula», children’s band «Peremenka», etc.;
  • Sports Complex including an outdoor sports ground, athletic gymnastics and aerobics halls, children sports hall and gym, facilities for golf and streetball, etc.);
  • 2 educational buildings, 24 university classrooms and 30 school classes, the PUA History Museum, the St. Tatiana Students Chapel, the Alley of Honours, an assembly hall, a fireplace hall, a canteen and 3 buffets;
  • the academy publishing house, the academic newspaper «Academy», human support services (psychological, legal, aesthetic, health services).

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Legal address:
Kharkiv University of Humanities «People’s Ukrainian Academy» Lermontovskaya st, 27, Kharkiv, Ukraine 61024

Admissions office:

+38(095)-819-41-48 (Viber, Telegram)

+38 (057) -704-10-37

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