LYCEUM (Specialized Economic and Law School)

Specialized Economic and Law School was founded in 1991. It is teaching pupils from the 1st to 11th grade. The school works in 5-day regime, class size as about 25 pupils. The school graduates are awarded state Certificates of full Secondary Education.

Specialized Economic and Law School is the best environment for a child’s personality development, boosting capacities a child needs to adjust to a rapidly changing world.

Specialized Economic and Law School fosters:

  1. Ability to keep learning throughout one’s life;
  2. Ability to accept and initiate changes.
  3. Ability to think critically and make conscious choices.
  4. Ability to communicate with peers.
  5. Desire to take care of the community, the country, the environment.

Teaching provided by the Specialized Economic and Law School complies with the programmes approved by the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science and comprises three education stages:

  • Stage I (Primary school, grades from 1 to 4);
  • Stage II (Main/Middle school, grades from 5 to 9);
  • Stage III (Seniour/High school, 10 and 11).



Address: 61024, Ukraine, Kharkiv, Lermontovskaya str., 27, KhUH “PUA”
Phone number : 716-47-21

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Contact us

Legal address:
Kharkiv University of Humanities «People’s Ukrainian Academy» Lermontovskaya st, 27, Kharkiv, Ukraine 61024

Admissions office:

+38(095)-819-41-48 (Viber, Telegram)

+38 (057) -704-10-37

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School of Translation and Interpreting:


School of Social Management:


Post-graduate education:



Lyceum headmaster:


CSED headmaster:


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