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Information about educational programs, faculties; choice of specialty, admission to full-time and part-time forms of education, preparation for UPI, the list of documents for admission, the rules of admission, pre-university training.
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To reconstruct PUA together
To reconstruct PUA together

News and Events

“The Book of the Year” Project in 2013: what we will read

Our annual project ‘The Book of the Year” continues this season with a book rather unusual  (but whether we have ever had ordinary ones). This is the book by Olena Kostiukevych “Food is Italian Happiness”, published by Kharkiv Publishing House “Folio”.

International Partners’ Support

On the eve of a new academic year, the Museum of PUA History  received a very significant humanitarian aid from friends and partners from Poland. Fire extinguishers, dehumidifiers for the museum's funds and a heater are among others.

Gifts for NextSchool Year

A member of the board of trustees, honored journalist of Ukraine Viktoriya Marenych presented the academy with unique collectible publications: a miniature book of works by T. H. Shevchenko and a book with works by H. S. Skovoroda.

The starting line has been crossed!

This is the start of our first-year students: for some of them in person, and for others online.

PUA students upgrade their practical skills and participate in socially significant events of Kharkiv

Pylyp Moskalenko and Yuliya Linnyk, graduates of the Academy Bachelor program and future Masters in the "Translation and Interpreting" department, served as translators for several events initiated by the United Nations Population Fund in Ukraine.

Another grant received!

The PUA plays a crucial role in ensuring the development of educational institutions during the war, not just survival. One of the major challenges is searching for additional funds to sustain the Academy amidst the difficulties of martial law.

Acquaintance with the global experience of consolidation in the area of higher education

Representatives from PUA participated in a webinar titled "Consolidation in Higher Education: Conditions and Best Practices," which was organized by Warsaw Polytechnic in collaboration with the Conference of Rectors of Polish Academic Schools, the Polish Rectors' Foundation, and the Union of Rectors of Ukraine.

The cooperation with PUA partners got a new impulse

NPO Junior Achievement Ukraine starts a two-year program EU4Youth Project Social Entrepreneurship, which aims to enable young people’s employment and promote social changes through social entrepreneurship.

The experiment of learning 2 or 3  foreign languages is continuing!

This year the Academy made the experiment of learning the second foreign  language ( at Social Management and Business Administration departments) and also the third foreign language at Interpreting department.

About Us

KhHU “PUA” is an educational and research complex ensuring lifelong learning

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Kharkiv University of Humanities - higher education institution of the 4th accreditation level, training Bachelors and Masters in Economics, Translation, Sociology
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Specialized economic and law school with advanced language learning (1-11 grades)

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Children’s School FOR Early Development

Children’s school of early development for 1.5 – 6 year-olds working on signature programs

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Continuing education

Short course second Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Translation, Sociology, career broadening programmes

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Development program

The programme unites PUA’s stakeholders and focuses their efforts on HEI’s mission implementation. It aims to improve PUA’s facilities and resources, grant merit scholarship to students and academic staff, design new academic programmes and courses
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