July 2022

"Theory without practice is dead, and practice without theory is blind"


теория и практикаPractical training of students is an important component of educational activity, within which students carry out certain types of work related to their future professional activities and aimed at the formation, consolidation, development of practical skills and competencies in the profile of the educational program "Business Economics and Its Legal Support".

A well-organized internship significantly increases the effeciency of the professional training of students of the Business Management Faculty. At different courses, future economists undergo introductory, on-the-job and pre-graduation internship.

Some have already defended their internship reports, and there are those who are still polishing their professional skills.

Krapyvnaya Ksenia, BU-31:

I am currently doing an internship at the international company METRO Digital, head office in Düsseldorf (Germany).

I practice the skills of management, marketing, analytics, etc. The teachers of the "Business Management" faculty taught us the basic knowledge of these disciplines. You have to memorize and learn a large amount of information: about the processes taking place in the company, computer programs for work, features of designing web pages, sites, online platforms. In pairs at the academy, we also improved our knowledge of a foreign language, business terms, so I can confidently communicate with different people. I am grateful to the academy for such a useful opportunity.

Ihor Bespalov, BU-21:

The brightest moments of the academic year are related to introductory internship in economics. We visited a number of enterprises, diverse in directions of their work: KP "Municipal Waste Management Company", "First Candy Shop of Slobozhanshchyna", agricultural enterprise "Jupiter", "PP "NVF "Ukrainian Weight Company", hotel "Victoria", where we were learnt the specifics of work, explained the intricacies of production processes, functioning.

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