Summer internship in Turkey 2023

The Academy maintains a contract with one of the best hotels in Turkey, Pine Beach Belek (Belek, Antalya). And this year was no exception.

International Student Day project "Good Deeds": the first good deeds

Students of the academy together with professors have already done the first good deed as part of the "Good Deeds" campaign. The day before, they visited the Kharkiv Zoological Park and made a charitable contribution for the purchase of fodder for animals.

“The Book of the Year” Project in 2013: what we will read

Our annual project ‘The Book of the Year” continues this season with a book rather unusual  (but whether we have ever had ordinary ones). This is the book by Olena Kostiukevych “Food is Italian Happiness”, published by Kharkiv Publishing House “Folio”.

Gifts for NextSchool Year

A member of the board of trustees, honored journalist of Ukraine Viktoriya Marenych presented the academy with unique collectible publications: a miniature book of works by T. H. Shevchenko and a book with works by H. S. Skovoroda.

Traditional Spring Cleanup Event

PUA has always been doing their best to keep the premises and the territory by the academic buildings clean and tidy.

In the artist’s studio

Pupils of the Specialized Economic and Law School, as well as PUA students visited the studio of a well-known Kharkiv artist, an Honoured Artist of Ukraine, Oleh Lazarenko.

Business Club: discussing issues of doing business under martial law

The first this academic year meeting of the Students’ Business Club took place on October 27.

The PUA cinema club: first meeting in 2022-23

“I’m all for watching films about how real people deal with difficult situations”, that was the conclusion the participants of the Students’ Cinema Club came to at their first online meeting held this academic year.

Academic Photography Project Сontinues

The project “Kharkiv After February 24, 2022” is a collection of photo documents of life in the city during a full-scale invasion.



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