August 2022

Children’s school for early development has its own aquariums now!


Детская школаAll children are willing  to have a pet, even the smallest one. Sadly enough, with inventions of various gadgets, fewer and fewer of them tend to have a real pet. Parents often do not allow to have one.

However, in such situations, you can find a way out - to launch an aquarium!

In fact, an aquarium in the house can give a lot to a child! The main thing is to inspire children, showing all possibilities and perspectives. All in all, the aquarium is not just fish in a jar, but a piece of nature, a closed water system that needs care!

The aquarium has not only an aesthetic, but also a developing function. The very process of the aquarium arranging, forming some kind of a landscape, fixing plants, composing decorations and equipment - all these develop a talent of a designer and imagination in children!

The child shall understand that the life of living beings depends on his or her actions. Involvement in this process teaches responsibility, fosters humanity, love for animals, for nature!

Contemplation of life in the aquarium calms, balances, distracts from some troubles. And for our children, especially in today's changing and restless world, this is very important!

What do you think of the aquariums created by the pupils of the Children's School for Early Development?

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