PUA: We do our best and even more to help the country, the city, and people who find themselves in difficulties

There are many areas of such activities. One of them is taking care of pets that suffer because of the situation in the city.

Lives of Prominent Personalities: the 165th anniversary of the birthday of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky

September 17, 2022, is the 165th anniversary of the birth of Konstantin Tsyolkovskiy, who was the pioneer of the astronautic theory.

Academic Photography Project Сontinues

The project “Kharkiv After February 24, 2022” is a collection of photo documents of life in the city during a full-scale invasion.

Preparation of university buildings which had been hit by shelling for the winter season is coming to an end, further restoration is on the way

Roofing iron has been changed, the technical floor and the heating system in the university building 2 have been restored. Windows are being currently replaced in the building 1.

South Westphalian University of Applied Sciences (Meschede, Germany) keeps effectively supporting PUA

The university staff, teachers, students, and alumni society carried out a charity event within their annual Campus Festival, and handed over all the funds raised to the restoration of the heating system of the PUA university building 2 damaged by a missile attack.  

Congratulations! With sincere gratitude!

We are happy to announce that a medal for “Defence of the Hero-City Kharkiv” has been awarded to our alumnus Ivan Movchan.

Here we go!

Congratulations to Oleksandra Fedorenko (SM-4) and her scientific advisor, Assoc. Prof. Hoha N.P., with winning All-Ukrainian Competition "Zavtra.UA" of V. Pinchuk Foundation.



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