We are restoring the education building

In early May, the education building damaged a year ago is still under reconstruction.

Development of the international cooperation

People’s Ukrainian Academy has had friendly and long-lasting relations in the sphere of scientific cooperation with the University of Szczecin and its Institute of Sociology. We have conducted joint research, participated in conferences and other scientific events, published joint-authored research papers and booklets.

Together for victory and peace

On May 4, representatives of the 125th separate area defense battalion presented the Aacademy with a commemorative award for assistance and cooperation during the war.

Victories of economist graduates

Every year, MA students at the Business Economics School confirm the high level of their training by receiving awards of the all-Ukrainian level for their victory at the theses competition in the field of Enterprise Economics.



Юридична адреса:

Харківський гуманітарний університет «Народна українська академія»
Вул. Лермонтовська, 27
м Харків, Україна, 61024

Факс: +38(057)-704-10-70

Офіційна електронна адреса: rector.hgu.nua@ukr.net

Приймальня ректора:

+38 (095) -819-41-48

Приймальна комісія:

+38(095)-819-41-48 (Viber, Telegram)

+38 (057) -704-10-37

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+38(050)-978-41-74(через Telegram)

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