Doing good deeds

‘Good Deeds’, the campaign launched on the occasion of the International Students' Day on the initiative of Roman Maiboroda, Chairman of the Alumni Association, is coming to an end.  We hope that real good deeds will continue.

We communicate in English

Today, the fourth-year students of the Translation and Interpreting School had the opportunity to talk to Ms Williams, a lecturer from the UK.

The top students of Kharkiv were awarded

On the eve of the International Student's Day, Kharkiv City Mayor Igor Terekhov held a solemn celebration of the best students of Kharkiv region.

Summer internship in Turkey 2023

The Academy maintains a contract with one of the best hotels in Turkey, Pine Beach Belek (Belek, Antalya). And this year was no exception.

Science Day for Peace and Development

Every year on November 10, the World Science Day for Peace and Development is celebrated.

Our Masters Improve Their English Language Skills

As a part of the Intercultural communication module taught to students seeking a Master’s degree at Sociology of Management and Business Economics Schools of Kharkiv University of Humanities "PUA", a business game was held where the students from the Academy and the Vienna University of Economics (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien (WU) participated.

International Student Day project "Good Deeds": the first good deeds

Students of the academy together with professors have already done the first good deed as part of the "Good Deeds" campaign. The day before, they visited the Kharkiv Zoological Park and made a charitable contribution for the purchase of fodder for animals.

Contacts with graduates

There was held a working meeting of the rector with a well-known businessman, head of the "Ukrainian Weight Company", member of the Advisory Board, graduate of the PUA Ivan Movchan.

We do not believe in bad omens: the 13th season of the Entrepreneurship School will be successful!

In any case, the opening of the academic social and educational project "Entrepreneurship School" was interesting and constructive.



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